John was great. He came to the unit and went through the whole process with us step by step, and it was really straight forward and really simple. he would always call straight after the open to let us know how many people came through and what they thought of the place. He was always in contact, I always knew what was going on.

The marketing he did was really good. He got an excellent photographer that made the place look really awesome, which I think got a lot of people to come and have a look at it in person. Getting some advice from John on what I could do to make the property look better, to get a better price, it cost me a fraction of the costs and I got an extra, I think, 5% of the sale price just by making a few minor changes to how I presented the property.

When I had a second property that I needed to sell, there was just no question, I went straight to John. He did such a good job on my first property that of course I went to him again and it sold in an excellent time frame for the price that I wanted.

I've recommended John to a handful of family members and friends. Some have used him already and some will be using him in the future. I couldn't recommend John highly enough. He's sold two of my properties really successfully and really quickly. I think he's great!!